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Amber's musings...

Dreams come true, bitches!

30 January
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Married to the most amazing woman on the planet. Happy resident of Sweden. I used to write a little. I am just me. Boring, but true.

I can't stomach liars and drama queens. Unfortunately, I can't seem to escape the lies and drama of one person on here. Really. Get over it already. I've never done a bad thing to anyone, but somehow I became a "community" villain. Maybe the fact that I have an actual life and real love bothers those who only live online. I don't know.

If there seems to be a pattern, there's a reason. Miserable people like to spread the wealth, so to speak. Being a victim once is horrible, twice is a tragedy, but when it keeps happening over and over and over, maybe the behavior needs to be examined.

Basically: Believe nothing that you hear and only one quarter of what you see.